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Photography, video, performance

2019 -2022

The women's revolution began a few years ago, with some brave grandmothers who decided  to shout to the world what was unbearable to continue having in silence, which has generated a great critical mass of women that continues to grow to continue perpetuating the fight against the patriarchal system.

Unity is strength, we women are living in a moment of unprecedented emancipation, we are facing different challenges before the system and  it is easier to face them if we continue  supporting and holding each other.

Over the years, the "Woman Power" project has mutated and evolved, generating new aesthetic proposals through different languages and actions with the intention of educating and being part of the generational change, which is still very necessary to achieve a society free from all kinds of discrimination based on sex, free from domestic violence. They are part of the creative process,  carry out different relational interventions, such as creating a community mandala with stickers, organizing a march with different people using cardboard masks made with the faces of the women I am proposing, as well as creating a collection of photographs and making videos for the networks social with historical and biographical information of each of the heroines that I propose in the project.


Another conceptual nuance of the project is that women have wanted at some point in our lives to be or look like another, we have been inspired, projected, and identified with their talents, their thoughts.

Behind a great icon there is always a woman. Behind a great woman there is always an icon. Different archetypes coexist within us, different voices that advise us and accompany us throughout life. We are the mother who nurtures, cares for and loves us, the fragile and sensitive girl, the seductive and irresistibly beautiful diva, the artist who creates new worlds, the queen who commands and emancipates, the rebellious young woman, the wise old woman, the self-sufficient warrior, the self-conscious servant, the actress who mutates, the romantic lover, the modest virgin, the erotic prostitute, among others.

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