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Photography and video


"ARTIFICIAL FOOD" is a work centered on the theme of consumerism, an allegory about the nourishment of the body, mind, and soul. It is a profound reflection on the excessive overproduction of products and junk content that saturate our land, our bellies, and our minds, contributing to the destruction of the environment. This environment is interpreted not only from its ecological and natural dimension but also as a formal, political, historical, and social context.

This project serves as a means to reflect on the impact of consuming ephemeral and superficial realities. "Artificial Food" contemplates the influence of different factors in our lives, including the illusion of beauty standards, the spread of fake news, and the presence of plastic in our food and water. The work addresses broader social issues such as the influence of fashion and the omnipresence of marketing. Through the lens of photography and video, the project provides visual rhetoric about the challenges and complexities of navigating a world saturated with manufactured and often deceptive elements.

The choice to use the Barbie doll in the artwork has a symbolic meaning in the collective unconscious, representing the superficiality and illusion of beauty standards proposed by pop culture over time. The pot, on the other hand, symbolizes the working class that produces through poorly paid labor and consumes low-quality material and cultural products. The metaphor of popcorn denounces the excessive spread of fake news, the imitation of stereotypes, and the repetition of alienating behaviors that contribute to the spread of ignorance.

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