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I was born in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, on June 13th, 1986. My professional journey has been diverse and expansive. In 2011, I completed my studies at a fashion academy, which propelled me into roles as a costume designer, photographer, and creator of clothing for my personal brand. In 2013, I participated in the fashion reality show Project Runway Latino America in Mexico. Concurrently, I held two solo exhibitions: "La casa lulezquiana" and "womanpower".

In 2015, I was honored to be selected to participate in the “Bienal de Venezia de Bogotá”, where I directed the collective "Venecia style" with the project "Razza schiava". The following year, in 2016, I engaged in the Arte Cámara Tutor program, an educational initiative for self-taught artists, supported by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and ARTBO. During this time, I played a pivotal role in establishing the Casa Studio 74 Foundation, serving as an artistic exhibition space and creative coworking hub. Subsequently, owing to my Milanese grandfather, I obtained Italian citizenship, prompting my decision to relocate to Rome with my son, initiating a new chapter for personal and professional growth.

In 2017, I achieved recognition as a finalist in the Luxembourg Art Prize. In 2019, I showcased my work in a collective exhibition featuring Colombian artists in Italy, hosted by the Colombian embassy at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perugia, Rocca di Umbertide. Notably, within the Medfilm Festival, I secured the award for best photography in the "walk with women" contest. I also actively participated in the "Connexion Festival" at the Mattatoio and collaborated with the Metamorfosi collective to present a manifesto at the Macro Asilo in Rome.

Continuing my artistic journey, in 2020, I exhibited at the "Telefoto" and "Formato Chic" showcases at the Elvira Moreno Gallery in Bogotá. The subsequent year, 2021, saw my participation in the virtual gallery "The Holy Art" in London. Transitioning into 2022, I joined the Art Residency program titled "Rara" in Malaga. In 2023, I contributed to the Transfeminist Festival Femfest in Italy and showcased my ongoing project, "Free Female Power," at the Myymälä2 Gallery in Helsinki. Additionally, I exhibited at the Paratissima art fair in Turin.

Sobre mí

About me

Currently, I am dedicated to creating engaging relational artworks that actively involve the community, as seen in the project "Free Female Power." This involvement enriches the meaning of my works, showcasing how art can be a tool for personal discovery, world transformation, and both individual and collective well-being. My intrinsic inspiration reflects in the spontaneity and sincerity of my creative process.

Much of my work explores stories derived from my personal experiences, offering a feminist perspective that mirrors a woman's journey in the world. Throughout my career, I've experimented with various expressive forms, lending my creations a diverse technical and aesthetic range.

Beyond art, I hold a strong interest in quantum physics, shamanism, holistic psychological practices, and new technologies. I firmly believe that the synergy between these dimensions can lead to new forms of expression and surprising discoveries.

For me, art transcends self-expression; it serves as a means of connection, dialogue, and encouragement for critical reflection. It is also a tool to address social issues and promote positive change. Looking ahead, I intend to continue merging my passion for art with relational, therapeutic, and educational processes, exploring further creative horizons and striving for a positive impact in both the artistic realm and society at large.



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