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These photographs are very literal, they directly denounce gender violence. The stories of women close to me who have been murdered by their partners are horrifying.  Femicide continues to be an urgent issue to deal with, thousands of women die in the world every day, many leaving their children at the mercy of life and their aggressor.  

If someone dares to murder a woman, just for the fact of being a woman and what she represents symbolically and physically, it is like taking a turn on the contrary, it is an attack on oneself and on life, because it is from the woman that life comes, it's a bit like hating what gave you life, because you hate your own life and everything that it represents.

The femicide does not have a pattern of behavior, each case is different; but the point of coincidence is that they are individuals with strong affective deficiencies, incapable of feeling empathy for their fellow man, without feelings of guilt and with a deep hatred of the feminine. His enjoyment is to destroy the other, which is also a projection to destroy himself.

Every day we see more cases of women who have disappeared and later been found murdered in a disturbing way by their ex-partners, friends or relatives, mostly men.

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