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2015 -2022

It is a project that was born in 2015 out of the curiosity of those days in the mandalas as a therapeutic method, someone had recommended them to me. So while researching I discovered a great wisdom, a vast ancestral symbology, which is also a fundamental part of the traditional medicine of many cultures around the world; I also started to explore fractals, which are transversally related to mandalas, but in a more scientific and mathematical way. The mandalas are artistic creations, representations of the being and the universe, they are ancient, they have a deep spiritual connotation; Instead, fractals are found naturally and organically, discovered and analyzed in the 20th century, and their mathematical configurations are used in particular in science and technology. These geometric forms considered sacred reveal mysteries of the universe, we are all and are part of a fraction of it. Energy, vibrations and matter manifest themselves creating these harmonic forms. Thoughts are ideas, ideas become actions and actions become habits, good or bad, they are fractal manifestations of thoughts. This also applies to feelings and emotions that directly influence our health and well-being. For this reason, when we modify part of something, we modify the whole.

So at that moment when I needed to heal some aspects of my life as a young woman and mother, I intuitively began to make these pieces with the images of some women I admired, filling me with strength and inspiration as I got to know the struggles that many of them had give so that we could have a place in the world and thus acquire rights that we did not have before.

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