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"FREE FEMALE POWER" is a relational art project that emerges as a symbolic gesture against violence towards women, paying a well-deserved tribute to the struggles that each of them has fought to change the world.

Join a collective performance!

Join this relational art project, where we aim to give visibility to extraordinary women, share their struggles, and celebrate power. Together, we will create a space where their stories will resonate. Your participation is essential to make this great event happen.

Hello everyone, I'm Lalula Vivenzi, an artist and a mother dedicated to promoting female empowerment and fighting against gender-based violence. I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia, where I firsthand experienced the difficulties and challenges that women face every day. Thanks to my Italian citizenship obtained through my grandfather, I had the opportunity to move to Italy six years ago, where I started a new life with my son. During these years, art has been a source of healing and rebirth for me, and I decided to dedicate my time and creativity to this project that I deeply care about. I am thrilled to share my passion with you and work together to promote a more equitable and just society.

Welcome to my art project, an initiative that aims to promote female empowerment and fight against gender-based violence. The project encompasses various activities, including a collective performance, educational and awareness workshops, a crowdfunding campaign, and a collection of NFT art featuring digital collages inspired by fractals created with women's images.

The performance is the beating heart of the project, a relational artwork that involves active community participation. Imagine thousands of people walking through the streets wearing cardboard masks with images of women who have made a significant impact on history. This gesture represents a kind of psychomagical act that reconnects women from the past to those of the present, celebrating their strength and determination.

To bring this performance to life, I will work closely with local schools and associations, organizing workshops on female empowerment and awareness of gender-based violence prevention. During these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to create the masks they will wear during the performance and learn more about the history of women who have made a difference throughout the centuries.


Support the project

I need your support. Every donation, big or small, is valuable to continue moving forward with this project and reach more people.

The funds will primarily be used for mask production, transportation for conducting the workshops, project communication, and compensating the collaborators who will assist me in organizing the performance.


Scopri storie di donne eccezionali e poco conosciute, affascinanti e ispiratrici

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